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Anchor Bowmen Archery Club News

Hurray - we have been awarded a Sport England Grant

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Thu, June 16, 2016 14:11:11

I am very please to say that our grant application has been successful. We will shortly be investing around £14,000 in grant funds, our club funds and individual club members donations (time and spare equipment) into delivering an increasing engagement in Archery.

The key elements of our bid were to establish our ability to be mobile enabling us to run archery events away from our normal summer and winter bases. Additionally we have a significant investment in equipment to help our beginners transition to equipment of their own in a better informed and safer way. Finally we are investing in coaching skills and resources to help all our archers continue to develop throughout their archery career.

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Treetops Hospice - Easter Egg Hunt 2016

GeneralPosted by Tim Wed, April 27, 2016 13:22:49
Anchor Bowmen Archery Club were asked for the third year in a row to open our ‘Have-A-Go’ stall in support of the Treetops Hospice Great Easter Egg Hunt. The club accepted the invitation from our adopted charity knowing it was being held on Easter Saturday.

As usual we had plenty of volunteers put their names forward to support this very worthy course fully well knowing we had to be at the Asterdale Sports Ground for 7:30am to load up the van which for the first time being supplied and driven by Jake Evans. This saved us the usual logistical nightmare of trying to fit the equipment into our cars. The only downside was that the ground was boggy so we had to carry the equipment from the containers to the van in the car park. Through a combination of manpower and the mower we got the eight bosses, stands, quivers, arrows, safety lines, safety signs, perimeter poles, bracers, finger tabs etc.

We got to Treetops Hospice and went about setting up our safe location. We placed the poles and roped off and area to ensure we operated within a safe environment, setup the stall and bosses and got this all achieved by 08:45am. 15 minutes ahead of schedule – game on !

Volunteers (left to right); Andy, Meg, Nick, Derrick, Roger, Elliott, Scott, Anthony, Chris, Terry, Pat, Anne, Gary, Mo, Dave and Jake.

The day went well even though it was colder and wetter than previous years. We maintained a steady flow of customers in between the rain showers. The club volunteers always ensured they had a smile on their faces at all times or it could have been the coffee and hob-nobs that Meg had supplied. This year we pinned hand-made paper Easter Eggs (made by Meg and her mum) on the targets and when a have-a-goer hit one of these paper eggs they would win a chocolate Easter Egg donated by Nick.

We had another Personal Best year making £212.00 for the hospice. We charged the same as previous years, £2 per 6 arrows, so taking into account the weather we did really well. As we looked around the stalls we did have a steady flow of people compared to other activities that we are available on the day.

A big personal thank you to our sainted volunteers who never fail to deliver when asked to whatever the weather, time or location.

Great Job Done ! Thank You

Mo (Membership Secretary)

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A guide to secureing bosses

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Sat, August 01, 2015 17:10:55
After witnessing a boss collapse and the destruction of a couple of half sets of arrows at a tournament the other week I tried in vain to locate any good guidance on how to secure a boss. In particular Archery GB stated that they did not have any guidance material available.

I have had a first attempt to create a guidance document that we can offer to Archery GB as the basis for standard guidance.

Please have a look and let me know what you think.

I went for the highly illustrated approach.

Andy Harrison - Equipment Officer

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Useful documents from Belvoir Archers

GeneralPosted by Andy Harrison Sat, August 01, 2015 17:01:33
Belvoir Archers (Nottinghamshire) have kindly provided permission for us to 'borrow' the following documents for our use.

Firstly a document that describes the rounds, handicaps and various award schemes that are available to us. Note that some of these (Rose and FITA star awards etc) require you to shoot the qualifying score in recognized tournaments.

The second document is a very well put together guide to what to expect when you go to your first 'away' tournament. This would have been really useful before I attended my first event!!

Have a read and I hope you find it informative.

Andy Harrison - Equipment Officer

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DAC Longbow Open Shoot

GeneralPosted by Tim Mon, June 22, 2015 16:19:20

Hi Everyone,

Just a short report on last Sundays Kedleston shoot [14th June 2015] with the long-bowers. The weather was a little changeable, lots of fine rain showers, but everyone seemed to be ok and enjoying themselves. There were Archers from lots of different places which made for lots of new faces at a well-attended annual event.

Our archers had a few triumphs with at least 3 personal bests, but no medals this time. lol, maybe next time.

A good afternoons shooting was had by all. They are all looking forward to next years gathering.

WELL DONE TO ALL [Full results can be found on our tournaments page.]


P.S. A big well done to India and Connor in their first longbow tournament.

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Treetops Hospice Charity Event

GeneralPosted by Tim Fri, April 10, 2015 13:26:12

Following a request made my Treetops Hospice (Risley) after last years’ success, we were asked back again to setup our ‘Have A Go Archery’ stall for their Easter Egg Hunt.

As last year, it was an early start on Easter Saturday meeting at the Asterdale for 8am to load up our cars, Tony was dragged out of bed to take the bosses in his pick-up. The downside was we had a fair amount of rain over the week and we may have left some ruts on the Asterdale ground (hopefully no-one will notice). We made our way over to Treetops via a slight detour but we won’t mention that. The team unloaded and setup in record time after a number of debates due to Treetops also being water-logged but we found somewhere safe to setup our stall.

After a slow start our stall soon got busy with people of all ages wanting a go at archery, we made £210 which is up from last years’ £174. We were charging £2 per 6 arrows so you can calculate we saw 105 people but the reality is we did give a few people free goes so the team actually saw more customers than the final figures indicate. The ground was muddy and the weather was cloudy and cold but the team remained motivated for the 5 hours we spent raising money for the charity.

I would like to extend my thanks to all our volunteers on behalf of ABAC and Treetops Hospice.

Mo Hussain, Membership Secretary

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DCAA Indoor Champs. 2015

ResultsPosted by Tim Fri, April 10, 2015 13:13:37
It was a fair turnout for Anchor Bowmen archers at the enjoyable DCAA Senior and Junior Indoor championship, hosted at Derby University over the weekend of the 14th & 15th of March 2015.

It was great to see our Junior Recurve members doing so well with Ethan Hall taking 1st place (and overall junior champion boy) in the Under 18 competition, Elliott Wilson taking 1st in the Under 16 competition and Lewis Haslam coming first in the Boys Under 12 competition.

Another noticeable win was for Tim Simmonds in the Gent's Longbow competition. It's about time he won something! smiley

Full results can be found on our tournaments page.

Well done to all!

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Spondon Sports Association

GeneralPosted by Chris Wilson Sat, January 24, 2015 16:30:49
Anchor Bowmen have joined forces with Leesbrook RUFC and Graham Street Prims FC and formed the Spondon Sports Association. The executive committee members are:

Chairman – Derrick Conway (Anchor Bowmen) Interim Position

Vice Chairman – John Lindsay (Graham St. Prims) Interim Position

Secretary – Brent Lyon (Leesbrook RUFC) Interim Position

Treasurer – Tony Collins (Graham St. Prims) Interim Position

Josi Davies (Graham St. Prims)

Adrian Wanford (Leesbrook RUFC)

Mo Hussain (Anchor Bowmen)

Chris Wilson (Anchor Bowmen)

Pete Albon (Leesbrook RUFC)

Myself, Mo and Derrick are your voice in this association.

The objective of the Spondon Sports Association is to provide community multi-sport facilities for sport through establishing, promoting and developing sport on all levels for the local community of Spondon and Derby regardless of the race, gender, disability, level of proficiency or age, providing recreation and competition.

You can find a link to the web site on the clubs Links page

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