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Anchor Bowmen Archery Club News

Recurve kit For Sale

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Sun, May 14, 2017 20:07:45
Barry Judd, one of our previous members has unfortunately had to give up Archery due to an injury and now has equipment for sale.

Details of the equipment below:

1 HOYT HELIX RISER,RIGHT HAND 25 INCH.signs of use but still very nice


1 PAIR HOYT G3 LIMBS,40 lb MED.obvious marks but still work well

1 SHIBUYA CARBON SIGHT.well used but still in perfect order

1 SF VELOCITY CARBON SIGHT.brand new never used



12 EASTON ARROWS,A/C/C series E .30 inch 1 has damaged point




Plus arm protector,finger tabs,strings and stringer,wax,allen keys and screwdrivers,setting up square.

I am selling the lot for £500,to a club member,if no takers then I'll put it online for £600.

Happy to meet to show any buyer the kit.

Contact Barry by e-mail at

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Thanks for the Donation

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Fri, January 13, 2017 20:01:13
Anchor Bowmen would like to express their thanks to Colin Mills for his kind equipment donation. The donated re-curve and compound equipment will help to bolster our equipment library, helping new archers sample different forms of the sport before committing to their own equipment purchases.

Thanks Colin

Andrew Harrison
Equipment officer

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Hurray - we have been awarded a Sport England Grant

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Thu, June 16, 2016 14:11:11

I am very please to say that our grant application has been successful. We will shortly be investing around £14,000 in grant funds, our club funds and individual club members donations (time and spare equipment) into delivering an increasing engagement in Archery.

The key elements of our bid were to establish our ability to be mobile enabling us to run archery events away from our normal summer and winter bases. Additionally we have a significant investment in equipment to help our beginners transition to equipment of their own in a better informed and safer way. Finally we are investing in coaching skills and resources to help all our archers continue to develop throughout their archery career.

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A guide to secureing bosses

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Sat, August 01, 2015 17:10:55
After witnessing a boss collapse and the destruction of a couple of half sets of arrows at a tournament the other week I tried in vain to locate any good guidance on how to secure a boss. In particular Archery GB stated that they did not have any guidance material available.

I have had a first attempt to create a guidance document that we can offer to Archery GB as the basis for standard guidance.

Please have a look and let me know what you think.

I went for the highly illustrated approach.

Andy Harrison - Equipment Officer

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Beginners equipment buying guide

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Wed, October 08, 2014 00:02:25
In preparation for the latest batch of beginners approaching the end of their 10 week course I have been working on a beginners guide to buying archery equipment that I wish I could have had access to a couple of years ago.

The attached draft has been updated after review by a few people in the club (thanks for your constructive comments). Its now close enough to right to be ready for an initial issue. Please feel free to use it if you find it of value or ignore it if not.

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New club tool box

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Sat, October 04, 2014 08:03:54
Over the last couple of weeks I have put together an equipment officers toolbox. It is stocked with screw drivers, allen keys, pliers, nocking pliers, fletching jig(s), fletching glue, nocking and serving thread, limb guages, bracing guage, gaffer tape and even a micro blow torch and lighter amongst other items. Hopefully we have everything we need for tuning and field repairs of bows and arrows (including refixing glue in points) all in one place. Its there for the use of all club members so please feel free to make use of it. Look out for the orange and black tool case.

During the summer season it will remain in the containers. During the indoor season or while we are running indoor courses (as now) it will spend a lot more time in my car boot. Please just ask if you need it, or if you need any help using it.

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equipment swap shop

EquipmentPosted by Andy Harrison Fri, October 03, 2014 06:56:05
Over the last few weeks a couple of club members have donated old unused items of equipment to the club. If anyone else has any items they don't need or want anymore please feel free to let me have them and I will set up a 'loan' service. Hopefully we can save new archers some initial expense as they decide what items they really want to buy. Pat has already donated a number of chest guards and tabs (he must have been shooting even longer than he claims to have acquired this many!).

Andy Harrison, equipment officer.

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