Anchor Bowmen Archery Club News

Anchor Bowmen Archery Club News

Spondon Sports Association

GeneralPosted by Chris Wilson Sat, January 24, 2015 16:30:49
Anchor Bowmen have joined forces with Leesbrook RUFC and Graham Street Prims FC and formed the Spondon Sports Association. The executive committee members are:

Chairman – Derrick Conway (Anchor Bowmen) Interim Position

Vice Chairman – John Lindsay (Graham St. Prims) Interim Position

Secretary – Brent Lyon (Leesbrook RUFC) Interim Position

Treasurer – Tony Collins (Graham St. Prims) Interim Position

Josi Davies (Graham St. Prims)

Adrian Wanford (Leesbrook RUFC)

Mo Hussain (Anchor Bowmen)

Chris Wilson (Anchor Bowmen)

Pete Albon (Leesbrook RUFC)

Myself, Mo and Derrick are your voice in this association.

The objective of the Spondon Sports Association is to provide community multi-sport facilities for sport through establishing, promoting and developing sport on all levels for the local community of Spondon and Derby regardless of the race, gender, disability, level of proficiency or age, providing recreation and competition.

You can find a link to the web site on the clubs Links page

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Evening Meal at The Cosmo Restaurant

GeneralPosted by David Bucklow Tue, November 25, 2014 14:35:45
Good afternoon everyone
I would just like to say a big thank you for your support last night in attending a most enjoyable evening at the Cosmo restaurant in Derby. It was nice to see so many familiar welcoming faces when I first arrived in the reception area. I am sure you all had a great time as I did, with such a wide selection of wonderfully prepared dishes from around the world I was like a kid in a sweet shop. It was a most pleasurable experience made all the more enjoyable in your wonderful company.

I look forward to meeting up with you all at our AGM next Monday
Kind Regards

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New Club News Page!

GeneralPosted by Tim Thu, September 25, 2014 18:27:53
We have now introduced a new club news page to make posting of news by any committee members easier.

You will now find our old news on our archive page.

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Club Longbow in Town

GeneralPosted by Tim Wed, September 10, 2014 14:04:13
We now have a club longbow, kindly crafted and donated by Rob Gooch (we wonder how much of his garden decking area he has left!). It's a low poundage bow, ideal for beginners, so if you're interested in having a go with a 'proper' bow then please contact one of the current longbowers for a free, no obligation, trial.

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1/2 Metric Rounds are Going

GeneralPosted by Tim Wed, September 10, 2014 14:03:41
You will be aware from the AUK magazine that all reference to the 1/2 Metric rounds in both the World Archery and GNAS Rule Book have been removed as from 1 April 2014.
Therefore, all reference to these in ABAC's Club Records & Personal Bests will be removed when next updated.

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